About Me

I loved anime and videogames growing up, it was one of the few ways for me to make friends.

When I started drawing my favorite characters people actually stopped and would have long conversations about the character and it helped spark more friendships.

Now I continue to draw so I can find like-minded people and brighten other's days with the same spark of happiness.

Streams and Games

I play a variety of games like Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Jackbox, Phasmophobia and more~

I usually play with viewers when streaming, so come hang out some time!




Where Can You Find Me?

If you would like to meet me in person, you can find me at these places.

Click on the images to learn more.

Upcoming Events


I absolutely recommend this artist! She did an amazing job on a drawing I had her do for one of my friends and it looks stunning. I couldn’t be happier with the finished product. Again thank you so much!

Amazing artist, absolutely loved the playmat made for me. Very talented at what she does recommend anyone looking for a good design for a poster or playmat to hit her up.

Absolutely amazing art! Comissioned two prints and they turned out beautiful! I would highly recommend comissioning her, and will definitely do so again myself in the future!